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  • HOUSE 2x2

What about the music?!

What About The Music - An additional category of What you've Got 2020.
The idea came from TSYD, which will select music for it. The essence of the nomination is that participants can try to dance to the music that is not used at street culture events. Indeed, such genres as Downtempo, IDM, Drum'n'Bass, Ambient and many others do not have their own dance style, unlike the same house or hip-hop.

The music for the What About The Music nomination will be partly avant-garde and new in terms of dance, but it will be perceptible and readable. The emphasis will be placed precisely on its diversity.

The What About The Music format is not All Styles and not Experimental. All Styles format implies different musical genres in street directions, and Experimental is based on more complex, difficult to read music. The What About The Music nomination will make it possible to dance to areas that you may not have previously explored in terms of movement and dance. As a result of this, something new and interesting can be born both for the dancers themselves and for the audience.

Deadline of on-line registration is March 20, 2020.

Participant fees:

Styles Categories Fees for members of official foreign organizations Fees for BDL and BFC members
Hip-hop battles 2x2 Pro, 1x1 Beginner One nomination participant - 10 euros of the NBRB rate on the day of payment per person

Extra nomination - 7 euros of the NBRB rate on the day of payment per person
One nomination participant - 25BYN. per person

Extra nomination - 15BYN per person
House battles 1x1


During the event, spectators may only be seated in the stands. An entrance ticket is required to enter the stands. Entrance tickets are purchased separately for each day of the event. The cost of entrance tickets for purchase (or booking for foreign groups) until March 25, 2020 is 10BYN. After March 25 - 15BYN (when buying online + the cost of the commission of the ticket operator).


We offer you accommodation in hotels located next to the venue - the Sport Time Hotel and the Slavyanskaya Hotel. Hotels were built for the World Hockey Championship 2014 and correspond to the European level of hotels.



Participants and coaches can order set meals at the venue. Estimated cost - 10BYN.

Next to the venue located the shopping mall with a large food court.



By prior arrangement, a transfer can be arranged from/to the airport or train station.

Don’t take the car "off-board" - it can be expensive. The Uber and Yandex Taxi in Minsk are available. The average price of a taxi in Minsk is 5-10€.