The Republican Cheerleading League (hereinafter referred to as the League) is held on the initiative of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and the public organization “Belarusian Federation of Cheerleading and Support Teams”.

At the 3rd stage, competitions are held among the winning teams of the 2nd stage of the regions and the city of Minsk.

Students participating in the same educational institution, who have undergone a medical examination and have a health certificate certified by the doctor’s signature and seal are allowed to participate in the League.

Students participating in one of the disciplines have the right to participate in another discipline. Members of the sports league of the BFC do not have the right to act as part of the teams of the school league.

Styles, categories, ages:

Competitions among teams are held in two age groups: younger age group (11 years old and younger) and Older age group (12 years old and older). The age of a team member is determined by year of birth.

younger and older age group Cheerleading show - from 12 to 24 people inclusive, 1 coach, 1 representative;

younger and older age group Freestyle pom - from 12 to 24 people inclusive, 1 coach, 1 representative;

younger and older age group Chir - from 12 to 24 people inclusively, 1 coach, 1 representative.


15 days before the start of each stage of the League (1st, 2nd and 3rd, respectively), teams confirm their participation by a preliminary application indicating the name of the team, the number of athletes, as well as the date of arrival and departure (for non-resident athletes and teams).
Applications are sent:phone/fax 8 017 302 79 22,
E-mail address (e-mail:
For organizational matters, call:
Skorbezh Olga (+375 44 453 72 79),
Korsikova Julia (+375 44 759 56 24),
Zakrevskaya Ekaterina (+375 44 709 13 06).

Immediately before the start of the League, the following shall be submitted to the credentials committee:
  • team application for participation, signed by the head of the educational institution;
  • a copy of the identity document of the team members (passport, in the absence of it - a birth certificate (original), other identification documents), as well as a certificate certified by the administration of the educational institution, with a photograph, seal and corner stamp;
  • team classification book for school league participants / ID-card or athlete classification book for participants in a sports league;
  • travel certificate and a list of seconded team members;
  • written consent of the parents or other legal representatives of the minor to participate in the competition;
  • medical certificate (admission) about the state of health, certified by the signature and seal of the doctor.


During the event, spectators may only be seated in the stands. An entrance ticket is required to enter the stands. Entrance tickets are purchased separately for each day of the event. The cost of entrance tickets for the purchase (or booking for foreign groups) until March 25, 2020 - 15BYN. After March 25 - 20BYN. (When buying online + the cost of the commission of the ticket operator).